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Philips $1.1 Billion CPAP Settlement - What You Need to Know

CPAP mask for obstructive sleep apnea on pillow.

Philips has agreed to a $1.1 billion settlement over claims that its DreamStation sleep apnea machines were faulty.

Did you have a DreamStation CPAP or another qualifying Philips device? If you've been affected, here's what the $1.1 billion defective medical products settlement means for you.

Philips DreamStation settlement

Since 2021, Philips has faced crises with its Respironics DreamStation machines for sleep apnea. The FDA reports 561 deaths linked to recalled devices. Over 116,000 medical reports cite foam breakdown in Philips CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) and BiPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) machines, causing gas and foam inhalation.

Millions of Respironics DreamStation machines were recalled - some were recalled, repaired, and returned, then recalled again. Now, a significant settlement is available to people who had/have qualifying models of the machines. Philips is not admitting fault, but this settlement provides an avenue for compensation to affected individuals.

Philips' attorneys said the money will go to "users of the now-recalled CPAP and other respiratory devices who suffer from significant physical injuries" and to fund research into treating their injuries. They added that an estimated 58,000 people have already filed claims or registered for the settlement. Philips said consumers can expect to see payments in 2025.

Are you eligible for a Philips CPAP claim?

While every case is different, the basic steps in filing a Philips CPAP claim are:

  • Check eligibility. If you've used the affected DreamStation machines, you may qualify.
  • Understand what's owed. Compensation varies. Without understanding the full value of their potential claims, victims risk accepting less than they deserve.
  • Prepare to file a claim. You'll need documentation, such as medical records and proof of device use. Start gathering everything now.
  • Consider legal advice. Navigating a settlement can be complex. Consulting an experienced defective products attorney means a professional will fight for the fair and full compensation you deserve.

People who have used DreamStation machines and experienced harm or require health monitoring because of it may be eligible to seek compensation by filing for a portion of the $1.1 billion claim. At the Ferrell Law Group, we can help you with that. If you have lung cancer as the result of using any of the following machines, contact us for a free consultation:

  • Philips A-Series
  • DreamStation
  • Dorma
  • SystemOne
  • Trilogy
  • REMstar
  • OmniLab
  • E30
  • Garbin Plus
  • Aeris
  • LifeVent

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