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Ferrell Law Group Client Testimonials

Real stories from people and families we’ve helped through tough times

People come to the Ferrell Law Group, a national asbestos lung cancer, mesothelioma, and serious injury law firm, for a variety of reasons.

Many of our clients are referred to us by current or past clients who have had great experiences with our firm. Others are attracted by our track record of successful asbestos exposure, lung cancer, mesothelioma, truck accident, and other serious personal injury claims and lawsuits.

On this page, you can read just some of the many testimonials and reviews our clients and colleagues have given the Ferrell Law Group.

Remember: If you were exposed to asbestos and now have mesothelioma or lung cancer, or you were seriously injured in an accident, contact us to learn more about what the Ferrell Law Group can do for you. Schedule a free case consultation with us today.

Client testimonials

“Mr. Ferrell has handled my case personally. He has come to Mobile three times, himself, to handle my deposition. I was referred to The Ferrell Law Group by a happy existing client. The Ferrell Law Group has been available to answer all of my questions. They’ve really done a good job for me and my family. I am happy with the results The Ferrell Law Group has given me and my family. My recovery is seven figures. When my time comes, I want my wife to be happy and a way to keep continuing on. Mr. Ferrell has made that possible. If it wasn’t for Mr. Ferrell, I wouldn’t know what would happen to my family when I go.”

- John

“Thank you for fighting for my husband, Michael. I’m sure that he [Attorney James Ferrell] was trying and he succeeded in making sure he was taking care of me.”

- Robin

"Best attorney in Texas! Mr. Ferrell handled my mesothelioma case like a champ! He really can get you the best compensation for yourself or a family member. Everything was handled professionally, and I was treated as if I was the most important client. I never had a concern or situation that wasn't addressed. They were always available to answer questions with a level of compassion and courtesy never seen in a law firm. I'm very happy with the Ferrell Law Group representing me."

- Johnnie

“You have no idea how much my compensation has helped me! Your staff was just so kind and helpful. They always made sure I was update on my case. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

- Rozalie

“Thank you for taking me on as a client. Every single one of you that I have had the pleasure to speak and work with, have been so polite, kind, and professional. You have given me the opportunity to live out my life with so much more comfort knowing I will have a little security to fall back on, leaving me time to focus more on ‘living’ rather than ‘How will I make it each and every month.’”

- Dora

"Mr. Ferrell and his ENTIRE STAFF are very professional and know their stuff. I’ve always been treated with professionalism and respect from anyone I’ve dealt with. I call ALL of them MY Angels. Without Ferrell Law Group on my side I wouldn’t have even known all of my rights and what all was available to me. I would highly recommend this law firm."

- Michael

"The Ferrell Law Group was quick and professional. I probably would have never received any compensation from anyone if it weren't for Ferrell Law. Thanks to them I at least got something for my cancer."

- Terrance

"This law firm is very responsive and diligent! They did an amazing job for us."

- Debbie

"Awesome team. Helped me get a big settlement for my accident. Highly recommend."

- Scott

"I want to let James, as well as the attorneys and staff at the Ferrell Law Group I dealt with, know how grateful I am for the professional manner in which they handled my case. I HIGHLY recommend them. They were honest, patient and showed great attention to detail by thoroughly investigating all aspects of my case, as well as explaining the likely outcomes. Their integrity is beyond reproach! Thanks again for all the help."

- Kelly

"Thank you, Ferrell Law Group, for working so diligently on my case. Everyone I came in contact with was exceptionally friendly and responsive and made such a stressful time in my life more at ease. I can’t thank you all enough!!"

- Kirby

"Super helpful - even on the phone!"

- Carlie

"Wanted to thank James Ferrell for all his support and help throughout this process. Today would have been my Grandfather's 85th birthday. He guided us through a very difficult time with his expertise in Mesothelioma law. He always answered the phone when we called and answered all of our questions quickly and thoroughly. So once again, thanks to your entire team, it is very much appreciated!"

- Matt

"Professional law firm! James Ferrell has recovered several thousands in compensation for my father and my mother due to mesothelioma and lung cancer. Mr. Ferrell has delivered knowledgeable legal counsel. My family has enjoyed working with several of his legal team staff members over the years. They treated us with compassion. I would recommend Mr. Ferrell and his staff."

- Anonymous

"James Ferrell and his staff have been great to work with. Always willing to take calls, answer questions, and assist in any way they can. By the time we were doing depositions in my dad's case, my dad was very sick and just a few days away from death. During the deposition James protected my dad and went out of his way to make sure my dad was as comfortable as possible."

- Russell

"We had a very large case and we were always informed on what was going on with the case. We were all on a first name basis. Any questions I had they were quick to answer or get the answer. VERY knowledgeable about the laws of our case. I was very worried about finding someone that would handle our case in Texas against a large trucking company."

- Anonymous

"James Ferrell has been representing me for four years now in my asbestos exposure lawsuits, and now trust fund claims. He is always very supportive; traveled several times whenever I needed him and doggedly pursued litigation against corporations and trust funds on my behalf. He and his staff are superb at following up every detail. I am glad he is representing me in this most difficult situation."

- Jim

"A great attorney, Mr. Ferrell came to Alabama several times to meet with my husband and I to gain an understanding of our case. Mr. Ferrell and his staff were always available to answer any questions and explain the litigation process. The Ferrell Law Group spent hundreds of hours working on my husband's claims case making sure that our recovery was maximized. I would highly recommend the Ferrell Law Group to anyone seeking representation for their mesothelioma or lung cancer case."

- Chiquita

"All around great experience. Him [Mr. Ferrell] and his whole staff always go above and beyond to help you in any way! Couldn't ask for a better attorney."

- Brittnee

"The Ferrell group has been great to our family, very professional in both our parents’ asbestos related cases. Highly recommend this firm. James and his entire staff was there for my parents and now my sisters and I."

- Deanna

"I appreciate all the help the Ferrell Law Group has provided to my family. Unfortunately, I lost my dad to mesothelioma lung cancer and my mom to asbestos-lung cancer. Efficient and friendly staff."

- Lindy

"Great firm. Asbestos- related lung cancer for my mother-in-law and mesothelioma case for my father-in-law. The firm is caring and communicates well. I definitely recommend this firm."

- Irvin

"Mr. Ferrell and his team are the best! James Ferrell was great for our parents on asbestos-related claims."

- Nickie

"It’s been a very difficult few years having to deal with settlement issues on top of trying to get through the grieving process not only for me but for my children. Ferrell Law did an amazing job. Not only did they do their job of being lawyers but also helped in giving comforting words during a hard process. They are all amazing. Denise always listened to any concerns and was always very sympathetic."

- Amanda

"I am very pleased to have the Ferrell Law Group working on my case. I personally spent several days with Mr. Ferrell and he has successfully recovered settlements for myself which has been a huge help. I had an asbestos oil drilling case and Mr. Ferrell and his team worked very hard to make sure we received all compensation possible. I really appreciate all the help the Ferrell Law Group has provided."

- Kenneth

"Mr. Ferrell and his law firm helped me with my father's asbestos lung cancer case. My father was in the Navy and was exposed to asbestos on his ship. He [Mr. Ferrell] and his staff guided me through the process with great professionalism. I highly recommend this law firm."

- Scott

"My father was diagnosed with mesothelioma in September 2015. He had worked as a shipfitter at Huntington Ingalls in the early 70's where he was exposed to asbestos. My dad wanted to hire an attorney to represent him as soon as possible. Jokingly he said, “Find me one I can at least half-way trust.” Well, he grew to trust and respect Attorney James Ferrell of Ferrell Law Group located in Houston, Texas. Within six months, my father succumbed to his illness. Mr.  Ferrell continues to represent my family in the fight against the companies responsible for his death. Within a month of my father's death my mother began receiving payments from the mesothelioma and asbestos trusts. He [Ferrell Law Group] returns all our phone calls and keeps us up to date on the case. When you're faced with a complicated case such as mesothelioma, trust me – You're going to want someone who knows what they're doing. James Ferrell of Ferrell Law Group knows what he’s doing."

- Deshannon

"Great law firm. Worked very hard on behalf of my dad until he passed away, then continued to work on behalf of me and my sister. Highly recommend!"

- PB

"James Ferrell has represented my wife's mesothelioma case for several years now. He and his staff work hard to get the best results possible and respond quickly whenever I have questions or concerns. I would highly recommend them for others who need legal assistance."

- Paul

"Quickly and efficiently resolved my claim. Mr. Ferrell is just a wonderfully professional and kind man who cares about his clients!"

- Kylie

"Very professional law firm. All the employees work together to help you and your case. I recommend Ferrell Law Group."

- Denise

"Very skilled team & always have their clients' best interest in mind. Highly recommend."

- Blake

"Great staff, quick and efficient at responding to client needs and concerns."

- Gennifer

Attorney testimonials

“The lawyers at the Ferrell Law Group have extensive experience working with probate, guardianship, conservatorship, and estate lawyers across the country to maximize the value of their clients’ estates. When a company’s negligence results in serious injury or death, consulting with the Ferrell Law Group can be invaluable to the client.”

- Keith Morris, Texas Probate Attorney & Owner of Mass Tort Probate, LLC

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