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Welcome to our law firm's FAQ page, where we provide answers to frequently asked questions from individuals who have suffered from mesothelioma, asbestos lung cancer, toxic exposure, and serious injury accidents. Our national team of experienced asbestos attorneys and personal injury lawyers are here to help.

If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer due to toxic exposure or mesothelioma, or were injured in a serious accident, contact the Ferrell Law Group for a free consultation. We’ll learn about your circumstances, answer your questions, and explain your legal rights.

About the Ferrell Law Group

What types of cases does the Ferrell Law Group handle?

Our firm specializes in representing clients in claims involving asbestos exposure, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. We also handle serious injury cases involving personal injury, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, on-the-job injuries, toxic torts, and the Jones Act.

How long have you been in business?

Each of our lawyers has extensive experience in their area of law, and our founding attorney, Mr. James C. Ferrell, has successfully tried and won cases for his clients for over 30 years.

Do you charge fees for a consultation? 

Absolutely not. Anyone who thinks they have a case can contact our office to schedule a free and confidential consultation. We also have an online contact form.

Will I have to travel to Houston to visit your firm? 

The Ferrell Law Group serves clients in all 50 states from our office in Houston, Texas. Although we would be honored to have you visit our office, you will never be asked to travel. We will send documents regarding your claim to you via mail. We will provide postage paid envelopes for you to return documents to us. If we need to meet in person, we will come to you.

How much will this cost me?

You will never be billed for our services. Fees and expenses will be deducted from any settlements we receive on your behalf. If no settlements are received, you will still owe nothing to our firm.

Is this a scam? How do I know this isn’t fraudulent?

We are proud of our reputation as a leading national law firm among those specializing in asbestos-related lung cancer and catastrophic injuries. Please feel free to Google Ferrell Law Group and look at our reviews. Mr. Ferrell has been working with asbestos claims for more than 30 years. We want you to understand our deep commitment to our clients. By all means, please do your research on us!

Asbestos, Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer Claims

What if I’m not sure my lung cancer was caused by asbestos?

The Ferrell Law Group has medical specialists and experienced paralegals reviewing your claim. Typically, we can link asbestos exposure to you with your work history and the medical documents we request from you in an information packet.

What if I’m not sure I had the right kind of job?

In most cases, we find our clients were exposed to asbestos at one or more of their jobs. Once your packet is returned and complete, our experienced paralegals will reach out to you to discuss your work history.

What if my doctor told me my lung cancer was caused by smoking?

You are still entitled to a settlement with proper asbestos exposure regardless of your smoking history. While smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, the Mayo Clinic states that many other factors, such as asbestos exposure and family history, can also be related to your lung cancer diagnosis. So, even if you are or were a smoker, your lung cancer could still be related to asbestos exposure. The ones responsible for exposing you to asbestos are not off the hook.

Experts have found that smokers exposed to asbestos are far more likely to develop lung cancer than those who smoked and were not exposed to asbestos. Having a history of smoking will not disqualify you from filing a claim. The U.S. government did not mandate adding a warning label to cigarette packages until the 1960s. Many people during this period were unaware of the dangers of smoking. Due to the addictive nature of cigarettes, smoking is a difficult habit to quit.

How much money will I make? 

We can’t give you an accurate estimate as to the value of your potential case until we receive your completed packet and analyze your exposure history (i.e., the asbestos products you or your loved one were exposed to during your/their work life). Before giving you an estimate as to the value of your potential case, we will also need to have our team evaluate the medical records associated with the diagnosis.

What if I don’t want to go to court?  

At the Ferrell Law Group, our goal is to make your claim or lawsuit as easy as possible for you. While we are experienced trial attorneys who are ready to go to court if necessary, the strong majority of our cases are resolved through trust fund claims or settlements. We advise our clients of all options and allow them to make the ultimate decision regarding their cases.

Personal Injury Claims and Lawsuits

Do I need to hire a lawyer if I’ve been injured? 

By law, you may represent yourself in any legal claim. However, keep in mind that the insurance company has lawyers working to protect their interests, which means paying you as little as possible. This is why it is important to have an advocate on your side who can fight back against the responsible parties’ attempts to avoid paying for their negligent or malicious actions.

What fees do you charge?  

We work on a contingency basis, meaning we will only take our fee as a percentage of your recovered damages, if and only if we win your case.

How much time do I have to file a claim?

Each type of case is subject to different filing deadlines, also called a statute of limitations. For injuries sustained on the job and for claims against the state or federal government, there is usually less time (months to several months) from the initial day of the accident or incident in which to file. Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident helps to protect your rights and options for compensation.

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