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If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with lung cancer or mesothelioma, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. The truth is that these diseases can have a devastating impact on your life, leaving you with significant medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional suffering. Our mesothelioma attorneys can help you move forward to something better.

At the Ferrell Law Group, we specialize in helping mesothelioma victims get the compensation they deserve. We have a proven track record of recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients, and we are committed to fighting for your rights.

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, don't wait to take action. Contact us for a free case consultation. Our mesothelioma lawyers will listen to the details of your situation and let you know if you have a strong case for compensation. There is no cost to you, and no obligation to hire us – just information you can trust. Let us help you get your life back on track. Here’s what you need to know to get started:

What is mesothelioma?

Close up of asbestos fibersMesothelioma is a type of cancer that affects the lining of the cavities around the lungs, stomach and heart. The only known cause of mesothelioma in the United States is exposure to asbestos fibers. Asbestos fibers are extremely durable and can remain in the lungs or other tissues for decades after exposure, increasing the risk of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. The risk of developing mesothelioma is also affected by factors such as the duration and intensity of asbestos exposure, the type and size of asbestos fibers, and individual susceptibility to the disease.

Typically, mesothelioma does not appear until 10 to 40 years after a person first inhales asbestos, sometimes even longer. As such, even though asbestos was mostly banned in the United States by the end of the 1980s, many cases of mesothelioma are still diagnosed each year, mostly in men over the age of 62 who were exposed during their working years.

How does contact with asbestos happen?

Many mesothelioma victims encountered asbestos at work. Some occupations with the highest risk of mesothelioma include:

  • Boilermakers
  • Bricklayers
  • Carpenters
  • Cement finishers
  • Foundry workers
  • Insulators
  • Laborers
  • Maintenance workers
  • Operators
  • Millwrights
  • Welders
  • Oil and gas workers
  • Pipefitters
  • Sheet metal workers
  • Shipbuilders
  • Military servicemembers
  • Steelworkers
  • Manufacturers
  • Asbestos miners

Loved ones were also put at risk when workers came home with asbestos fibers on their clothes and hair. This type of exposure is called “para-occupational” or “secondary” exposure. Likewise, people who live near sites likely to have asbestos around the facility are also at risk: refineries, power plants, factories, shipyards, steel mills and building demolition are types of work sites that can release asbestos fibers into the environment and contaminate nearby residential neighborhoods.

Legal options for mesothelioma victims

Mesothelioma victims have various legal options available to them for financial compensation. They can:

  • File an Asbestos Trust Fund claim. There are billions of dollars available to mesothelioma victims being held in Asbestos Trust Funds or ATFs. Asbestos trusts were set up by companies that used asbestos in the past to compensate victims who have been exposed to the company’s products.
  • File a civil injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Mesothelioma victims can file a lawsuit against the parties responsible for their exposure to asbestos, such as manufacturers, suppliers, or contractors. This type of lawsuit can seek compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages resulting from the exposure.
  • Veterans’ benefits. If a mesothelioma victim was exposed to asbestos while in the military, they may be eligible for VA benefits. Mesothelioma is considered 100% disabling and qualifies the veteran for full disability benefits.

It is important to note that your legal options may vary depending on the state you file in and the specific circumstances of your case. In particular, the legal deadlines that apply to your case may vary significantly depending on when and where you were exposed, which is why you need to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, learn more about your legal options by contacting the Ferrell Law Group for a free case evaluation.

How much money can I get for mesothelioma?

Graphic of a mesothelioma cellThe compensation for mesothelioma victims depends on various factors, so there is no single answer to this question. However, many mesothelioma victims are eligible for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Our experienced mesothelioma lawyers can assist you in navigating the legal process toward maximizing financial compensation. We serve mesothelioma and asbestos victims nationwide.

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